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Coronavirus COVID-19 Announcemnet

Apex Computer Systems, Inc., is very concerned with the fast moving, global challenges that we are all facing due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Please be assured that during this time of evolving changes, the health and safety of our team members and our customer’s personnel is our highest priority while we continue to provide high -quality, uninterrupted service in support of your business.
In addition to monitoring guidance from local, national and global health organizations, we will also be following all guidelines and mandatory restrictions that may be decreed by local, state and federal authorities.
Our goal is to assure you suffer no unnecessary disruption to your operation due to a service requirement and at the same time assure the health and safety of all personnel that may be involved. If you have any questions, concerns or need further clarification, please reach out directly to our Human Resource Manager:
Rocio Cassai [email protected] (1-562-926-6820 Ext: 7329)
Dennis L. Rice
[email protected]
562.926.6820 Office
Apex Computer Systems,
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